Kujten is the expression of Carole Benaroya and Stéphanie Eriksson’s long-standing friendship, one that started when they were teens. Throughout their years in middle and secondary school, Carole and Stéphanie discovered they were both passionate about fashion. From her financial background, Carole felt the urge to add some passion to her professional life in 2012, and immediately turned to her friend Stéphanie. Attentive to details and to the world’s beauty, Stéphanie is steeped in the fashion industry. She draws her expertise in knitwear and cashmere from working in Joseph’s Parisian styling department, an English fashion house that is renowned for its knitwear. Kujten arose from their love for an exceptional material: cashmere. Their ambition to start their own cashmere brand was confirmed following a first trip to Mongolia, where they fell in love with the blue-sky country.


Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno, the Parisian par excellence, likes claiming a dual influence.  Raised by a Danish mother and a French father, she never stops making the synthesis between various worlds which interweave throughout the collections. She pursues the muse of an independent and urban woman, anchored in modernity but also a dreamer, connected to the legacy of the sixties and the seventies. She effortlessly blends “lifestyle” cuts with “couture” details infusing her bohemian folk spirit with the electrical influences of punk.

In 1996, she started her eponymous brand with the desire to break away from everyday life and to give every woman this modern evolutionary wardrobe. Her life and her work merge as she surrounds herself with friends and family. Lune, her daughter, is also the name given to one of the “it bag” of the brand.
 In 1998, she opens her first store in the left bank of Paris and launched the same year the “Cabas”.  With some sequins on a cotton canvas, she revisited an object of the everyday life and made it iconic, it became an international best-seller.
The brand is now present in more than 300 points of sale in the world. Her vision of fashion as her lifestyle never ceases to attract a wider public. This timeless style with sophisticated details and singular colors brings more soul to the world of tomorrow.


Circus Hotel

Circus Hotel was born in 2012 when Gaia Zattini designs her first collection playing with pattern and polka dots, lines and graphic color block. These features influenced by the circus imaginary, characterize the name of the brand, together with the idea of continuous evolution by melting into every collection different essences upcoming from new journeys and places.
Knitwear is the absolute protagonist, cheerful and versatile, renewed among jacquards, overmodern inlaying and daring working, playing with lines, colors and graphics.

In the second part of 2016 a new project of collection has been developed in order to define and improve the brand image in the worldwide market place keeping intact the original strong brand identity.
The new Circus Hotel project starts from the Spring Summer 2017 collection presented at September 2016. Together with the knitwear enriched by the mix of colors, lines and patterns, the collection will evolve to a total look.
A relevant tailoring part of the collection will be introduced for the first time together with a significant number of accessories.

The soul of the collection is a curious, traveler woman. She absorbs the essence of every country she visits, melting everything in her personal flag. She is a modern nomad, her style is urban and sophisticated in basic and spicy tones. Colors and fantasy in her pockets. Wanderlust is her motto, the sky her roof.

Produced and distribuited by Abraham Industries it’s nowadays sold in the best boutiques across Italy & worldwide.



Launched by brothers and music industry veterans Laurent and Arik Bitton in 2004, IRO perfectly combines the cool effortlessness of street style with a quintessentially Parisian spirit. Always inspired by their playlist, the brothers Bitton are known for their fresh but feminine approach to classic pieces.



SEMICOUTURE is a new idea of Brand, conceived for a woman who loves the artisanal fashion and is able to translate it in a pop and modern way. The collection has been created to fit different urban women in a transversal way, all living under a mutual fashion attitude. Those women perceive Semicouture’s garments to be worn all day long with the adding touch of freshness and innovation.

The idea of SEMICOUTURE comes from the very first beginning of the designer Erika Cavallini. Nowadays she entrusts to her creative staff the rework of her roots under a more actual interpretation.
It is not causality the label explicitly refers to the one of ”garment No.1”, the real start of Semicouture history.


Semicouture Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Film from SEMICOUTURE on Vimeo.


Haikure is an Italian denim fashion brand, offering a women’s and menswear collection of looks with simple, casual attitude.

The name comes from the union of the word “HAIKU”, a minimalist japanese poetic composition inspired by nature, and ending of the words that are our mantra: nature, pure and future.

Launched in 2011 from parent company CS jeans, an Italian brand est. 1981 and manufacturer for international leaders such as Acne Studios, Boyish, Mother, 7 For all Mankind, Nudie Jeans and many more.

Since the beginning of its history, HAIKURE operates on sustainability, believing in the respect of the planet and the promotion of a new lifestyle, where the latest fashion trends and transparency can coexist.


Hale Bob

Hale Bob dresses modern, fashion forward women in feminine, chic and distinctive clothing. Our fashions are created from the highest quality fabrics and we are recognized for our exclusive, colorful prints. Hale Bob creates the feeling of chic, sexy and free. The collection basks in the limelight of its fans, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford are just a few of the celebrities who adore Hale Bob’s flirtatious and feminine, yet relaxed style. Hale Bob clothing is sold both domestically and internationally at the finest boutiques and department stores. Hale Bob continues to fulfill its promise of distinctive, rich and feminine designs for the modern woman.



Established in 2013 by Michelle Aznavorian, MISHA is an independently owned luxury fashion label based in Melbourne, Australia.

Specialising in unique occasion-wear, in-house designed prints and impeccable tailoring, the MISHA philosophy is founded on affordable luxury, designed for the modern woman.

2016 saw MISHA become the name on everyone’s lips. From stellar debut appearances at both New York Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, MISHA made waves around the globe for breath-taking collaborations with international supermodels Bella Hadid and Jourdan Dunn.

In October 2017, Michelle won a place in the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.


120% Lino

A Jacket and a Dream : An Italian stylist finds inspiration in an exquisite linen jacket at Camden Market.

London, 1983

While wandering through Camden Market’s dusty stalls, Alberto Peretto discovered an exquisite linen jacket, evoking the unforgettable outfit worn by Fitzcarraldo in Werner Herzog’s film.

Holding the elegantly crumpled fabric in his hands, a dream took shape in the heart of the young stylist from Bologna…

A yearning for a more authentic past, when timeless, well-tailored garments were stitched from sustainable, naturally-luxurious fabrics.

Out of this desire to recapture the soul of natural luxury, 120% Lino was born.