Erika Cavallini

The “ERIKA CAVALLINI” brand was born in 2009 by a fruitful intuition: keeping the artisanality and attention to detail of a niche product while adopting a well-defined development strategy, proposing Italian style and tailoring as added values. The label has a strong autobiographical spirit, which comes from Erika Cavallini’s passion for fashion as a language and as well as for collections inspired by an emotional and private past. “Made in Italy” is the founding value, expressed through a keen selection of fabrics and an accurate attention to details. The taste for craftsmanship gives a contemporary romantic touch to the collections. Quickly, the formula caught the interest of buyers and media, worldwide. The brand nowadays is sold in the best boutiques across the world’s capitals: Milan, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong, Madrid, Seoul, London, Copenhagen, Shanghai.