Domenico Formichetti has emerged as a prominent figure in the thriving streetwear landscape, not only in Italy but also globally. As a graphic designer, stylist, and founder of the renowned Formy Studio brand, he has transcended the realm of fashion, consistently pushing boundaries. Born in Abruzzo in 1993, Domenico’s passion for fashion ignited upon his arrival in Milan. The vibrant cityscape, a stark contrast to the serene landscapes of his hometown, served as a catalyst for his personal and artistic development. From the bustling streets to the pulsating nightlife and even the creative environment at the Brera Academy, where he studied graphic design, every aspect contributed to his growth.

Domenico’s inclination to observe rather than speak has allowed him to gather inspiration, ideas, and forms, which he skillfully translates into a fresh perspective. His creations not only fill the spaces in his own wardrobe but also resonate with individuals who share his unique worldview. “By character, I tend to speak little but observe a lot, collect cues, forms, and ideas, and then represent them in a new vision. It’s about filling the spaces in my wardrobe and the wardrobe of those who see the world as I do,” he explains according to NSS MAGAZINE. This creative urgency propelled him to embark on his first project, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), followed by the successful Hot Stuff sneaker collection. Ultimately, he established Formy Studio, a brand that has captured the attention of the international rap scene, with artists like Tyga, Swae Lee, and J Balvin, proudly embracing his designs.

Throughout his travels, Domenico found inspiration in the diverse cultures of France and Japan. These experiences exposed him to new expressions, styles, and encounters, all of which contributed to his personal and professional growth. As a result, he has evolved naturally, both as an individual and within his craft. This evolution has culminated in his latest and most mature project to date: PDF. Domenico Formichetti’s journey serves as a testament to his pioneering spirit, continuously pushing the boundaries of streetwear and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

PDF is the project of Domenico Formichetti to fill the empty spaces of his wardrobe and of all those who see the world as he sees it. “I start with what I want and I can’t find it. What I need. Everything I do is missing. I miss them in the first place. I do what I crave in the way I like”.❞