Step into a world where elegance knows no bounds – welcome to Patou. With roots dating back to the visionary Jean Patou in the 1910s, the maison is a testament to the artistry of fashion and the pursuit of enduring style.

Guillaume Henry, the young designer who relaunched Carven a decade ago, is following in the footsteps of famous designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix as Patou’s lead designer.

At the heart of the Patou aesthetic lies a perfect blend of classic sophistication and contemporary flair. Each creation is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of the modern, confident, and empowered individual. Patou’s designs transcend trends, offering a timeless allure that captivates the discerning fashion enthusiast.


Erdem is a distinguished London-based fashion brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and romantic aesthetic. Established by designer Erdem Moralioglu, the brand seamlessly blends classic elegance with a modern sensibility, creating timeless pieces that resonate with sophistication. Erdem’s collections are characterized by intricate floral patterns, meticulous attention to detail, and a harmonious fusion of bold colors and delicate fabrics.

With a strong emphasis on femininity, Erdem captures the essence of modern romance, offering a range of beautifully tailored dresses, separates, and outerwear. Each creation reflects a perfect marriage of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, making Erdem a go-to choice for those seeking refined and effortlessly chic fashion.

Barbara Bui

Feminine, Masculine. BB’s classic and elegant twist on a man’s basic wardrobe.

BB’s signature pieces consist of Masculine/Feminine essentials, executed in a number of different fabrics that parallel the basics of a man’s closet: by feminizing these classic items, BB makes a woman’s wardrobe as easily elegant and intelligently edited as that of a man’s.

These iconic elements streamline a women’s wardrobe to its most flattering and crucial essentials. They are appropriate for women of every age and can be styled in a myriad of different ways to reflect a woman’s own personality.

Plan C

Edgy design, daring color sensibility, experimentation and uncompromising quality are the distinguishing elements of high-end women’s and accessories label Plan C.

The daughter of Marni’s founders, Carolina for 10 years developed special projects for her family’s business, prior to launch Plan C in 2018, with the support of her father Gianni and her brother Giovanni.

Headquartered in a space in the heart of Milan, which housed Carolina’s great grandmother’s fur atelier in the 60’, Plan C offers individual and modern collections, matching masculine and feminine elements and playing with striking colors and bold prints.

Crafted from special materials with a charming tactile feel, Plan C’s long-lasting and meaningful garments are designed to become the uniforms of real, powerful and determined women.

Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno, the Parisian par excellence, likes claiming a dual influence.  Raised by a Danish mother and a French father, she never stops making the synthesis between various worlds which interweave throughout the collections. She pursues the muse of an independent and urban woman, anchored in modernity but also a dreamer, connected to the legacy of the sixties and the seventies. She effortlessly blends “lifestyle” cuts with “couture” details infusing her bohemian folk spirit with the electrical influences of punk.

In 1996, she started her eponymous brand with the desire to break away from everyday life and to give every woman this modern evolutionary wardrobe. Her life and her work merge as she surrounds herself with friends and family. Lune, her daughter, is also the name given to one of the “it bag” of the brand.
 In 1998, she opens her first store in the left bank of Paris and launched the same year the “Cabas”.  With some sequins on a cotton canvas, she revisited an object of the everyday life and made it iconic, it became an international best-seller.
The brand is now present in more than 300 points of sale in the world. Her vision of fashion as her lifestyle never ceases to attract a wider public. This timeless style with sophisticated details and singular colors brings more soul to the world of tomorrow.


It’s a simple mix of continuous new inputs alongside with the state of being contemporary such as indie music and contemporary art. As a skilled DJ Massimo Giorgetti is able to mix and match his passion and the artistic and aesthetic expressions of artists connected to web world. The outcome: a Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines capable of inexorably catching the public interest and attention and acknowledging MSGM as one the most intriguing brand of the moment.

By choosing MSGM clothes people know they express themselves at the best of their freedom, with a touch of a personal creativity altogether. Since its first collection, the Spring Summer 2010.


Launched by brothers and music industry veterans Laurent and Arik Bitton in 2004, IRO perfectly combines the cool effortlessness of street style with a quintessentially Parisian spirit. Always inspired by their playlist, the brothers Bitton are known for their fresh but feminine approach to classic pieces.

Sonia Rykiel

Since 1968, Sonia Rykiel has called for the liberation of women, through their sensuality, intelligence and irreverence. Inimitable silhouettes, chic and idiosyncratic spirit: the parisienne of Saint-Germain des Près.

The fashion Sonia Rykiel creates is for everyday wearing over the skin. A never compromised, always sophisticated style. Where knits marry the movements of the body without a slightest restraint, where black becomes a warm color, stripes and prints have fun with the seriousness.

Stella Jean

Stella Jean creates her collections based on the same narrative structure typical of a story. Everything originates with an inner journey; the pursuit of an identity that strikes a balance between white and black, between capitals and chains. An impossible quest that evolves into the creation of a new and unclassifiable identity; a (subversive) means of communicating through pictures that tell a story, in which stylings represent the pages and each one must have enough substance to make full sense on its own. And from the cradle of civilisation the story evolves and each collection develops by way of new nations and latitudes, each time seemingly in complete contrast with each other. And it’s the styling that makes every single look readable. In a cultural crossover that never results in parody or caricature, they are a constant reminder that knowledge and respect should never be subordinate to location, but must exist in and of themselves.