Born in colour, Colorush a premium lux and laidback cashmere label was founded by creative artist and sustainable enthusiast Jill Shaw, to bring to life the beauty and optimism of nature through the vibrancy of our brand. Colorush launched during the midst of the pandemic in 2020, with a goal to incept happiness, and bring something refreshing and fun into the fashion industry by dropping a big splash of colour into the world of luxury cashmere.

Colorush is an independent Belgian brand, on a mission to make sustainable luxury cashmere accessible to all. For you, for me, for all generations that feel attracted to our Colorush vibe and tribe. Connecting our surfer girl founders’ love for the ocean, passion of colour, creativity and conscious design with beautiful pieces that will forever stay in your closet, we take a responsible outlook into every aspect of our business ensuring our garments are good for you and good for the planet.

Ready to wear and be styled up or down, Colorush is a collection of timeless direct-to-consumer ethical sustainable fashion pieces. With a focus on cashmere, as well as a select number of bespoke cashmere silk blends and a pure silk line, Colorush has the multifunctionality to be here ‘for the night talks and the beach walks’. It’s a colourful feeling and re-connection to the natural beauty of summer, accessible all year long.

Playing with style and colour, our innovative design highlights the perfect combination of luxury, sustainability, and easy to wear feel good garments. From lose fit luxe cardis, reversible tees, and eclectic tie die accessories, one consistency is that innovation is a constant here and we’re proud to fill the gap in re-defining the meaning of cashmere to one that is sustainable, affordable, beautiful, long-lasting and unique. We are at the forefront of slow fashion. Welcome to our colourful world: Colorush.