Family First

Family First Milano was born in 2015. It was idealized by two thirty-year-old Milanese, though with different interests who had never even met by chance. Creative director of the brand Giorgio Mallone has always been passionate about art and fashion and shows a strong creative character, while CEO and current sport manager Alessandro Zanchi reveals a strong entrepreneurial personality. Considering the brand’s background, it can be said that these creative ideas come from different but complementary worlds. Giorgio has found in art a get- together in which he can share, create and express his own nature. At the same time, Alessandro sees the highest expression of football understood as a team, together with the full sense of “family” pictured by his two sons. The choice of the name, Family First Milano, is a clear message that contains and tells the spirit of the two partners: the bond with family and friends of a lifetime. Wherever family, not just that of blood, is a fundamental core concept in which the individual finds expression, recognizability has its own style although in line with those close to it. From their meeting, the idea was to create a product that presented the precise features of a contemporary brand: an image rooted in the Milanese, but with international flair; Italian production and quality at an affordable price. The business strategy of the company has so far provided for the creation of man / unisex lines, but by 2020 women and children will also be included. The collections are made of quality fabrics with 100% Italian production, with high level of attention in the production of garments and attention to detail, as well as an image of the product that can be matched with the highest brands in the fashion industry. The mission of Family First Milan is to transmit its brand identity in the world from the values described above: the ability to enter the lives of families, groups and friends, not just as a fashion brand, but as a lifestyle.