Erdem is a distinguished London-based fashion brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and romantic aesthetic. Established by designer Erdem Moralioglu, the brand seamlessly blends classic elegance with a modern sensibility, creating timeless pieces that resonate with sophistication. Erdem’s collections are characterized by intricate floral patterns, meticulous attention to detail, and a harmonious fusion of bold colors and delicate fabrics.

With a strong emphasis on femininity, Erdem captures the essence of modern romance, offering a range of beautifully tailored dresses, separates, and outerwear. Each creation reflects a perfect marriage of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, making Erdem a go-to choice for those seeking refined and effortlessly chic fashion.

Alessandro Enriquez

Alessandro Enriquez was born in the heart of Sicily in Palermo. His mother comes from Sicily while his father has french – tunisian origins.

After his bachelor in Arts in 2004 at Palermo University, he moved abroad, from Barcelona to Palma di Mallorca and London. He studies Fashion Design in some of the most prestigious European institutes, the London Central St Martin and the Istituto Marangoni at Milan, where he still lives.

He immediately starts a career as a designer which brings him to work for Costume National, a very suggestive brand that allows him to deepen and develop more and more his strong creative point of view.

Naturally curious and travel addicted Alessandro always looks for new places to explore, he’s not a common traveller, he is a citizen of the world. In 2012 he publishes his first book which is his lucky charm, 10X10 ANITALIANTHEORY, name which was used for the new fashion brand; a world full of pictures and Italian recalls, his constant sources of inspiration.

Dice Kayek

Blooming from the crisp, lustrous folds of white poplin shirts into sculptural silhouettes of architectural proportions, the Dice Kayek language is the unique result of a dialogue between East and West, between the ordinary and the extraordinary. With couture-level craftsmanship and exquisite fabrics at the heart of the brand’s ethos, they have composed a unique expression of the contemporary wardrobe.

Barbara Bui

Feminine, Masculine. BB’s classic and elegant twist on a man’s basic wardrobe.

BB’s signature pieces consist of Masculine/Feminine essentials, executed in a number of different fabrics that parallel the basics of a man’s closet: by feminizing these classic items, BB makes a woman’s wardrobe as easily elegant and intelligently edited as that of a man’s.

These iconic elements streamline a women’s wardrobe to its most flattering and crucial essentials. They are appropriate for women of every age and can be styled in a myriad of different ways to reflect a woman’s own personality.


A new era dawns at the almost century-old House with the nomination of Charles de Vilmorin at the helm of its artistic direction.

A young designer and newly graduate from the school of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Charles de Vilmorin excitingly burst onto the international fashion scene when presenting his first eponymous collection in 2020. His love for colours and his instinctive vision of design instantly won everybody’s heart and even opened for him the doors to the Paris Haute-Couture week.

The talent and originality of Charles de Vilmorin will bring a new energy to Rochas, whilst carrying on the House’s values of bold and timeless elegance.

Plan C

Edgy design, daring color sensibility, experimentation and uncompromising quality are the distinguishing elements of high-end women’s and accessories label Plan C.

The daughter of Marni’s founders, Carolina for 10 years developed special projects for her family’s business, prior to launch Plan C in 2018, with the support of her father Gianni and her brother Giovanni.

Headquartered in a space in the heart of Milan, which housed Carolina’s great grandmother’s fur atelier in the 60’, Plan C offers individual and modern collections, matching masculine and feminine elements and playing with striking colors and bold prints.

Crafted from special materials with a charming tactile feel, Plan C’s long-lasting and meaningful garments are designed to become the uniforms of real, powerful and determined women.

Stella Jean

Stella Jean creates her collections based on the same narrative structure typical of a story. Everything originates with an inner journey; the pursuit of an identity that strikes a balance between white and black, between capitals and chains. An impossible quest that evolves into the creation of a new and unclassifiable identity; a (subversive) means of communicating through pictures that tell a story, in which stylings represent the pages and each one must have enough substance to make full sense on its own. And from the cradle of civilisation the story evolves and each collection develops by way of new nations and latitudes, each time seemingly in complete contrast with each other. And it’s the styling that makes every single look readable. In a cultural crossover that never results in parody or caricature, they are a constant reminder that knowledge and respect should never be subordinate to location, but must exist in and of themselves.

Erika Cavallini

The “ERIKA CAVALLINI” brand was born in 2009 by a fruitful intuition: keeping the artisanality and attention to detail of a niche product while adopting a well-defined development strategy, proposing Italian style and tailoring as added values. The label has a strong autobiographical spirit, which comes from Erika Cavallini’s passion for fashion as a language and as well as for collections inspired by an emotional and private past. “Made in Italy” is the founding value, expressed through a keen selection of fabrics and an accurate attention to details. The taste for craftsmanship gives a contemporary romantic touch to the collections. Quickly, the formula caught the interest of buyers and media, worldwide. The brand nowadays is sold in the best boutiques across the world’s capitals: Milan, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong, Madrid, Seoul, London, Copenhagen, Shanghai.

Laurence Bras

Depuis toujours la créatrice Laurence Bras nous transmet des émotions et des valeurs. Comme un certain sens du style qui s’est construit sur des souvenirs d’enfance : l’odeur de la tarte de sa grand-mère, des robes fluides et aériennes, le manteau de fourrure de sa tante…

Les silhouettes sont désirables, à l’allure décomplexée, toujours. On aime le confort des pantalons « pyjamas », une chemise d’homme fluide et oversize à glisser dans un pantalon à taille haute. Des robes de plage en broderie, façon lingerie.

Une approche sensible qu’elle déroule à travers des collections taillées pour nos quotidiens de Femmes actives, « cool », exigeantes.

L’idée de Laurence Bras ? Offrir un vestiaire idéal à la Femme, pour la Femme. Twisté d’élégance et de simplicité, qui colle à la peau, qui nous accompagne chaque jour, comme l’odeur douce d’un parfum.

La collection est en partie fabriquée en Inde, pays de coeur de la créatrice. On retrouve des robes en dentelles ou ornées de broderies, de chemises légères aux imprimés subtils, tissées à la main, en popeline craquelée.


Mii is a duo. Lucie and Bapan. Yin and Yang.

At first, everything set us apart: 3,500 miles, our countries, cultures, languages, social backgrounds, and our radically different personalities.

Yet we met at the Paris School of Decorative Arts where we both studied textile design, and, as a result of this unlikely encounter and the love that was born from it, we created Mii.

In 2009, we travelled to India where we met craftsmen who talked of their economic problems … And that is when the idea of moving to another region or even another country, away from our families, started to take shape. We believed strongly in the value of hand-made, local products, and we wanted to change the world — we still do!

So we gave the project everything we had: our minds, our hearts, and our 2×2 hands.

Mii is for Made In India! and we are totally committed to defending and promoting the country’s unique, ancestral and endangered know-how.