SELF-PORTRAIT was established in 2013 by Han Chong in London, with a creative vision to make beautiful design accessible to all women.
 A graduate of Central Saint Martins, the Malaysian-born designer unites a refined aesthetic with a deft understanding of structure and materials that has propelled the brand’s meteoric rise and upended the contemporary fashion market.

Designed in London, made for the world – Self-Portrait believes in celebrating and empowering the women in the clothes. Femininity ensured by elegant functionality, reflecting a sincere engagement and appreciation for a contemporary way of life.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Han came to London in 2003 to study at Central Saint Martins, graduating with a degree in Womenswear Design. Enamoured by the city’s vivacity and cultural vibrancy, he quickly made it his adopted home. Initially pursuing a career in the visual arts, Han exhibited works at the 53rd Venice Biennale but was motivated to launch Self-Portrait with the realisation that he wanted to create work that touched more people. The name Self-Portrait was born, to be a reflection of the women in the designs.