Based in Dubai, the NEMOZENA story has its roots in the heart of Italy. From first sketch to final stitch, garments are designed and produced entirely in Italy from the finest fabrics. To lessen the footprint left behind, sustainable fabrics are featured in each collection, proving that designing with a conscience is the only way forward.

The NEMOZENA woman is like no other. Free-spirited, playful, with a rock and roll edge, she’s a modern-day nomad, collecting style references wherever she goes. She’s edgy and unconventionally sensual; subverting stereotypes and playing with androgyny. She’s effortless and unexpected, throwing on a tailored blazer over a floaty, feminine dress or mixing and matching with vintage favourites. Comfort is key and her aesthetic is entirely her own. Never a follower, always a leader, her finger is firmly on the pulse, pre-empting trends and making them her own. The key to her magnetism? A carefree nonchalance that radiates confidence.