The Vertical Line

STW The Vertical Line is born from the desire to counter a reality with a heterogeneous and wide open offer by proposing a collection where the product can be also customized. Each individual can express itself through a personal choice of materials and colours combining them to create their own crafted item.

The brand finds its fulfilment in the expression of freedom and intent to support it through the elimination of gender classifications, so we land on a product that can be made for Anyone, it will then be the customer himself to express his essence through it.

Our journey begins within a denim manufacturing experience, with the French brand NOTIFY Jeans, our product is therefore the result of knowledge, different washing methods, aging on materials, and many other treatments that are utilised on our sneakers to make them “one of a kind”. The whole thing adds up to the possibility to apply an aged treatment, an abstract feature that can be perceived by observing the sneakers. This aspect is given to the sneakers by the washing done with pumice stones, and by the manual brushing carried out with an industrial polishing.

The Vertical Line is the sneaker’ symbol of recognition, as well as, the one who represents the identification of heavenly dimension and of the spiritual self (or “spiritual being”).
The Line is considered the extension of the point, and consequently the extension of thought and the emanation of positive energies.