Kat Maconie

Kat Maconie is an award winning London based footwear designer, who formed her eponymous brand in 2009.

Kat’s empire started in a tiny West London studio with an equally small range of well designed ballerina flats. Fast forward to present day and Kat Maconie’s signature style reflects bold colours, strong prints, architectural shapes, metallic details all with tongue-in-cheek attitude.
The conceptual and irreverent takes centre stage, forming a brand that consciously breaks rules and push the boundaries.

Kat Maconie has created catwalk shoe collections for the likes of Felder Felder and Fyodor Golan, collaborations with Roberta Einer, as well as a range of accessible pieces for Britisch high street giant Dune.

Now a global brand with standalone stores in China and concessions around the world, Kat Maconie is launching exciting new product categories this year. Watch this space as Kat Maconie takes on world domination.