For next fall SMARTEEZ doesn’t give up the active mood that is part of its dna. But this season it refers to the modern vintage tradition of military apparel. The functionality of the details of military uniforms, of flight and biker equipment. All those details are lightly distributed on the collection but never loosing the feminine yet practical appeal.

Contrasting stitching, use of color, renewed classical fabrics doubled with modern ones is the way the brand decides to translate the research into a new and practical collection. The coats are intended to be like a protective shell to be worn over impalpable floral camouflage crepe de chine dresses and gowns.

It’s a reflection on the idea of borders, on what’s inside and outside shown by the care for hidden details. The silhouettes are as usual free to be played and interpreted in different ways, volumes and fabrics are as always chosen following an idea of comfort.

It’s a collection with a strong materical and chromatic impact, but which demands to be discovered, which wants to talk about the importance of calm, trough the attention to what is small and sometimes invisible. It is a call to ease and to the importance of the attention we pay to us and to others.